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2023-11-21   Vehicle Leasing & Associated Services (SSE plc)
SSE Plc is seeking a Contractor(s) for the supply of vehicle leasing, hire and associated services to support its NZAP ambition. These services include: โ€ข Leasing and management of company cars. โ€ข Leasing and management of salary sacrifice cars, โ€ข Leasing of vans under 3.5 tons including pick-ups, โ€ข Leasing of vans 3.5 tons and over including HGVs, โ€ข Leasing and management of company cars & commercial vehicles in ROI & mainland EU, โ€ข Hiring of cars for travel, โ€ข Hiring of cars and commercial vehicles for โ€ฆ View the procurement ยป
2021-11-15   SSE Share Registration, & Approved Employee Share Plan (SSE plc)
SSE plc are looking for interested parties who would like to participate in a tender for our Share Registration Service, our Approved Employee Share Plans (UK & Ireland), Share Incentive Plan (SIP) & Sharesave (SAYE). If interested please contact who will send out a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire which will need to be completed and submitted by 03/12/2021 View the procurement ยป